Review in The Guardian / by Ian MacKenzie

There's an extremely kind review of FEAST DAYS from Daisy Johnson in the Guardian this weekend, here. And my "Top 10 books about Americans abroad" feature is also up on the Guardian's site, here.

Johnson calls FEAST DAYS "an expansive book tangling big ideas on class and race, marriage and politics . . . one cannot help but read on."

She says: "Ian MacKenzie writes about cities with the same verve and vigour as Salman Rushdie and Zadie Smith. Reading his books, it does not seem that he loves cities - rather, that he is compelled by them: their dirtiness, their contrasts, their hidden edges. . . . There is also a delight in words that is wonderful to read, a delicious speed to the prose. FEAST DAYS is not a thriller, but reads a little like one, moving swiftly from one kind of experience to the next with brutal, dazzling effect."