Review in the San Francisco Chronicle / by Ian MacKenzie

The San Francisco Chronicle has an excellent review of FEAST DAYS this weekend. 

From Chris Feliciano Arnold's review:

"Ian MacKenzie's elegant second novel, FEAST DAYS, is a story about love and power, luxury and empire, set in one of the most socially stratified countries on the planet. . . . MacKenzie's economy is remarkable. Using thin brushstrokes, inventive turns of phrase, and fragmentary, dialogue-heavy sections, he deftly captures how an outsider is only able to comprehend a country in pieces, assembling an incomplete puzzle over time. What holds this portrait of a marriage together, across time and across continents, is Emma's voice. Wry and melancholy, she is a sensitive weather vane to the changing winds of her own relationships, and to the storm brewing in a country that she wants desperately to make sense of . . . MacKenzie's novel feels heavier than many novels twice its weight . . . FEAST DAYS is as much about America as it is about Brazil."

You can read the entire review here.

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